A Little About Me

I was born in Chiang Mai, but grew up and was raised in Lamphun Province, Thailand. I moved to Chiang Mai when I went to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. I learned printmaking and painting . In the same time, I learned video, sound and computer graphic technique by myself. After graduation, in the year1999 I went to Germany to study Media Arts at Hochschule Fuer Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, Germany. It was my first time traveling abroad. I traveled there alone with little money from my parents. the first 4-6 months, the money ran out. I couldn't find any job. My life was about to collapse. Fortunately, I got a scholarship from KAAD just right in time. KAAD had supported me until I graduated. Having spent 3 years in Germany had made me realized how little knowledge I bore of my Asian background.

From the year 2002 until 2004, I assisted many art projects of a Thai curator, Gridthiya Gaweewong, after I returned to Chiang Mai. I also worked as a full time lecturer at the Painting Department in the same university I finished my BFA from. Since the year 2003, I have started to travel to many parts of Thailand and Southeast Asia to gain more understanding of my root. In the year 2003, I joined Media Arts and Design, a new department at Chiang Mai University, at the very beginning as a lecturer. A few years later, I stopped working there and started to work with some researchers to produce my first documentary videos. Later, I also worked as a part-time lecturer for 2 different universities in Chiang Mai. Although, working for many institutes I have been keeping up at producing my own art projects. Finally, in the year 2010, I decided to work full time as an artist.