Unintentionally Waiting – a new show at Leo Gallery Shanghai

Posted on 09/05/2017 Under News

by Sutthirat Supaparinya

Duration of the show: 2017.5.21 – 2017.5.22 at Leo Gallery Shanghai
Opening reception: May 20, 2017, 5-7 pm

The project works around the notion of wasting time by traveling condition.  The 2 works are using cityscapes of a capital city, Bangkok and Chiang Mai City to play a role of dissimilar journey’s condition, which struggle the chance to move on. In the big picture, Thailand struggle by political turmoil for more than 10 years. Whilst in a provincial-scale cases, the local government has been struggle of fewer budgets to facilitate public service. The decentralizing profit to local authorities maintain weak. In both local and central level, the country lost an opportunity to enhance its potential.

more info: www.leogallery.com.cn