Sound installation combined self made sound instrument from used objects and handmade speaking dolls, 2011

Self made sound (unconventional) instruments workshop were arranged to work with local participants. The instruments were made by found or used objects such as can, pot, shell, rock, steel plate, fork and spoon, ring, wood, plastic bag or plastic bottle. Most of objects were leftover objects from previous prostitute shops around the area where use to be red light district in Yokohama, Japan. We select objects that can combine as a mobile instrument and create sound by hitting each other. We create sound instrument and public play them!

We combined difference objects into 3 sound instruments and hang them from ceiling. Audiences can pull a robe to listen to the sound, record the sound of the instruments or give voice comment though the dolls that hang around the installation room. Each doll stuffed a sound recorder that has sound recording bottom on left leg and a player button on the right leg.

This is a community based project which organized by Koganecho Area Management Center, Yokohama, Japan.
This festival is conjunction to Yokohama Triennial 2011