Transparent stickers on glass window
The work installed at Meo Jai Dee Art Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand, from February 2008 until 2010.
Dimensions: 70×150 cm.

“Missing You” portrays a bird, the White-eyed River Martin, which shows how delicate and fertile our environment in Thailand is, however it is currently extinct. No one has ever seen this kind of bird since 1969. As a Thai endemic bird, it was featured on a 5,000 baht conservation issue gold coin in the year 1974, and on a 75 satang postage stamp in the year 1975. Missing you5000Baht1975-full
The form of the bird in “Missing You” came from this 5,000 baht gold coin. The window glass was covered with transparent stickers, which overlapped atmospheric light colors. The form of a flying bird was left out as an empty space.

The large swallow or White-eyed River Martin (Pseudochelidon sirintarae), whose scientific name commemorates Princess Sirindhorn Thepratanasuda, was found wintering at a lake in central Thailand, but its breeding grounds are unknown.The bird was founded by an eminent Thai ornithologist and mammalogist “Kitti Thonglongya” in 1969.