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Site specific work, 2007

This work is a part of the exhibition “Gift of Tongues” which was organized by Conference of Birds at Cassette Café, Bangkok and was curated by Andrews Little and Tintin Cooper.

Reflected stickers were placed on a wall in a dark room anda candle was used to view the work. The little reflective stickers replaced clues of previous activities, which left evidence on the room’s floor and walls. Like reading wall paintings in an ancient cave, humans/ archaeologists try to narrate messages left by previous people by linking all the elements found from the same space and period. Therefore, the painting elements could be dissimilar, narrated by different visitors.

I visited Cassette Café and found this back room. It was full of clues of what had happened there. Fingerprints, footprints, marking tape, clues of raindrops on the wall, plastic colour on the ground and many other clues had left their history.

I cleaned all the room,making it a white cube again, by covering all clues with white round-shaped reflective stickers. And if the audience wanted to see the form of the clue again, they could view them by using candlelight or taking a photo of the room with a flashlight. The clues will be visible and reflect back to the audience.

In this way, the audience can imagine in a different way, how the room was, by the shape of the clues in this dark room.

Image caption: The wall before we covered the clues/ dirt with reflective stickers and the previous activities in the room.