Video installation, Leipzig, Germany, 2001

Living Things is a video installation in a dark room comprises of one projector and one video player on a motor, turning around from the ceiling, 3 spotlights and a motion sensor floodlight.
The video itself is an experimental movement of found objects in my everyday life. I made them move themselves as if they were alive. It is not an animation or 3D work, but a record moving images as it is. The inspiration of this work came from my experience when I lived in a house in Chiang Mai, which surrounded by small garden. There were some insects that camouflage like simple things in my everyday life. When I see them they stay still and look like simple thing such as a stone or leave, but when I moved and not pay attention to them they slowly move. At the first time, I thought I was haunted or had a visual illusion.

This interactive work plays with movement of the audience. It links with sensor and light in order to be able to watch the video. If audiences move in sensor area, the light will turn on and they cannot see the video work. The light will turn on only 10 seconds when it catches the movement.

When we stop moving to look and to hear something around us, we are bound to meet something that we won’t ever see when in active motion.