Plastic color on linen, Mo Rooms (artist’s hotel in the tourist area), Thapae Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

“I love Farang” is a banner ป้ายผ้า work that reflects the economy in Thailand that depends on tourists. When Bangkok international airport was closed during the political movement of “People’s Alliance for Democracy or Yellow Shirts” in late November to beginning of December 2008 and later Chiang Mai International airport was also closed for a week in November 2008 which is the beginning of the high season. It has been hurt Thailand’s tourism economic since then. Many new hotels and businesses were blooming before that time lost a lot of confident and has no income. Most of the tours, hotel rooms and air flights were canceled. The tourist businesses for the whole year 2009 are almost collapsed. They needed to change their strategy to welcome domestic tourists instead. In the difficult situation like this the new hotel “Mo Rooms” was ready to open right on the tourist site like Thapae Road. They invited me to show an art work there on the opening day. I showed the message I accidentally read and captured on the back site of a Tuk Tuk (3 wheels taxi) in Chiang Mai just after the Airport was closed down. The message reflects the personal request how much the driver’s life depends on the westerner (in Thai we call “Farang”) tourists as well as announce to public how the political movement affect his career.

The message was “I love Farang. No Farang. No job. I die. No boom boom. No baby. 086-7290379”