Original title: Band Item: อังกอร์ ความเรียงว่าด้วยศิลปะลิทธิจักรวรรดินิยม
English title: Band Item: Angkor – An Essay On Art and Imperialism
Materials [2 books (Thai and English version), cotton and polyester bands, white ribbon and teak-wood box]
Objects found at artist’s bookshelf and Amazon.com
Bound with cotton and polyester bands in Thailand
(The Thai version) Banned in Thailand in 1976 – 1998
Dimension: 10 x 14 x 3 inches
“To write on Angkor is a necessary part of the struggle for liberation.” – Jan Myrdal and Gun Kessle

…our current exhibition “On Attachments and Unknowns”: a Reading Group based on artist Sutthirat Supaparinya’s (Som) ongoing restricted books project that considers attempts across the Asia Pacific region to systematically eliminate singular voices. For “On Attachments and Unknowns”, Som takes as her subject a book with current personal resonance, living as an artist under military rule: “Angkor: An Essay on Art and Imperialism” written by Jan Myrdal with black and white photographs by Gun Kessle. First published in Swedish in 1968, it was translated into Thai by Charnvit Kasetsiri and banned in Thailand from 1976 – 1998. As far as we know, the book was never translated into Khmer, and never banned in Cambodia under any regime. In the exhibition, Som both enables and renounces the legibility of the book, with the Thai translation physically bound in the exhibition and the English copy offered for reading in our library.

From “Reading Group: “Angkor: An Essay on Art and Imperialism” (1968)” press release by TINI and SA SA BASSAC