Global Art Dialogues: Places of Resistance, from Hong Kong to Thailand

Posted on 15/07/2021 Under News

In this virtual Global Art Dialogue, artists ACAB (All Cats Are Beautiful) and Sutthirat Supaparinya share projects that focus on sites of resistance and discuss strategies for building alliances among social protest movements.

Thailand: Wednesday, Apr. 21, 9 AM 
Hong Kong: Wednesday, Apr. 21, 10 AM  

For this virtual Global Art Dialogue, we have invited two artists to share projects that respond to recent social protest movements. ACAB (All Cats Are Beautiful) and Sutthirat Supaparinya will reflect on the ways that certain spaces and sites of resistance can be powerful channels of memory and embody layers of history. Supaparinya, a multimedia artist featured in After Hope: Videos of Resistance, has been traveling around her country of Thailand documenting places that have witnessed acts of rebellion. Hong Kong–based artist ACAB has been collecting a series of commissioned videos about uprisings in different cities, themed around the act of walking. Gridthiya Gaweewong of the Jim Thompson Art Center will moderate this conversation focusing on shared strategies among movements and what it means to build trans-local networks of solidarity.  

Featuring artists from After Hope: Videos of Resistance. To learn more about the artists in After Hope, go to 

Image: When Need Moves the Earth, 2014, by Sutthirat Supaparinya. Synchronized three-channel video. Courtesy of the artist. 


This program is a part of Global Art Dialogues, a series of programs connecting artists around the world to explore the pertinent issues of our time. Amid shifting social landscapes, the museum’s commitment to invest in emerging and established artists, elevate marginalized voices, and curate through a global lens of equity, justice, and collaboration is stronger now than ever. Whether these events are in person or virtual, we aim to create spaces to challenge and transcend physical, sociopolitical, and imaginary borders in order to empower change. By bringing together creatives from Bay Area and global communities, we are exploring the possibilities of what can be and what we can accomplish through a spirit of radical collaboration.