The Asia Anarchy Alliance (AAA)

Posted on 13/06/2014 Under News

The Asia Anarchy Alliance (AAA) shows at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei is still on until July 13, catch it if you can!

2014-05-16 ~ 2014-07-13
Venue: 1F-3F Gallery
Opening: May 21st (Wed) 5:00PM
Curator : Wu Dar-Kuen

The background of Asia Anarchy Alliance is set in “modern/contemporary” Asia, with new concepts proposed for the region based on art. With the principle of free thinking, AAA attempts to toss a small pebble in Asia to stir its stagnant perceptual waters, and with the ripple effect created to led to possible ways for breaking free from the complex barriers put up by globalization and neoliberalism. AAA advocates taking up a realistic stance and to retrieve the many beliefs that were forced to be abandoned by capitalism or the state machine. Certainly, the realization process of this ideology may seem quite long and trying, but it is also a rather romantic approach for such an ideal manifestation.

Under the structure of AAA, the artworks created by the over 40 artists included in the Tokyo exhibition and the 25 artists in Taiwan are each considered an individual entity as well as a subject for this artistic symbiosis. This is a transnational “minor movement” initiated by a group of Asian artists, and it is a movement based on artistic fulfillment which echoes with the realistic “imaginations” for the contemporary Asia. Through the questions raised by the artworks, social issues faced by Asia today are pointed out. The objective of AAA’s progressive perception is to instigate field exercises in various Asian regions and to siege “globalization” with “local-internationalism”, and at the same time, it is also an “internal revolution” propelled by introspection of the Asia art world, as we anticipate for this endeavor to open up a referential outlet for Asian contemporary art.

In addition to the contributing artists from the Tokyo exhibition, AAA’s exhibition this time at KdMoFA will further bring together the Taiwanese artists from the Tokyo exhibition with more Japanese and Southeast Asian artists. The contributing artists this time include the following: CHEN Chieh-Jen, CHEN Ching-Yao, CHEN Ching-Yuan, YUAN Goang-Ming, YAO Jui-Chung, TU Pei-Shih, YEH Chen-Yu, CHANG Li-Ren, SUN Yuan & PENG Yu, Jompet Kuswidananto, Xijing Men (OZAWA Tsuyoshi, CHEN Shaoxiong, Gimhongsok), SAKAGUCHI Kyohei, and more; additionally, AIDA Makoto, MORIMURA Yasumasa from Japan, Dinh Q. Lê from Vietnam, and Sutthirat Supaparinya from Thailand are also included on the roster of this AAA exhibition!

Participating Artists: AIDA Makoto / CHEN Chieh-Jen / CHEN Ching-Yao / CHEN Ching-Yuan / CHANG Li-Ren / Dinh Q. Lê / HAN Ishu / MOON Kyungwon & JEON Joonho / Jompet Kuswidananto / SAKAGUCHI Kyohei / MORIMURA Yasumasa / TU Pei-Shih / TERUYA Yuken / YAO Jui-Chung /YEH Chen-Yu / YUAN Goang-Ming / SUN Yuan & PENG Yu / Sutthirat Supaparinya /

AAA Tokyo Bay Conference: Xijing Men (OZAWA Tsuyoshi, CHEN Shaoxiong, Gimhongsok) / SAKAGUCHI Kyohei / WU Dar-Kuen /

Organizer: Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Tokyo Wonder Site, Project Fulfill Art Space
Support: National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan), F.C.H. Investment Corp, Spring Foundation, Asian Cultural Council, TKG Foundation for Arts & Culture
Appointed Projector: EPSON
Appointed Large Format Display: SAMSUNG